LuxformItalia is a young and dynamic company, with a history still in continuity with its 30 years of experience of producing fine upholstered furniture.

As a true melting-pot of tradition, experience and ability to interpret and to quickly adapt to the latest market trends, LuxformItalia presents itself today with a younger look through its new collection URBAN FRAMEWORK.

Just as urban frameworks develop and characterise themselves trying to adapt to the aesthetical and fuctional needs of their citizens, so does this company put its customers at the centre of each design process.

LuxformItalia’s sofas, in fact, shapes the tastes and needs of our contemporary lifestyle.This new collection expresses itself through its versatility and has therefore developed three product lines – DESIGN, CONTEMPORARY and COMFORT -, where more complex shapes alternate with more standard ones, by evoking at the same time those places and elements typical of different urban frameworks.